The Best Places To Go Snorkeling – Best Snorkel Place

Snorkeling is among the most relaxing and awe-inspiring things you are able to do – assuming you get it done in the correct spot (i.e. anywhere that is gorgeous and has lots of good fish to appear at). The great thing about it is that almost anyone can undertake it, since you simply need a swimsuit and a snorkel (and an appetite for adventure!) So what is the best snorkeling destination in Oahu areas in the planet?

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand – No doubt one of the most exotic spots in the world, Ko Phi Phi is a tiny island off of the West coast of Thailand (near Phuket). Snorkelers here are rewarded with a collection of the most brightly colored fish you could ever wish to see!

The Red Sea, Egypt – This might not be most obvious place for a novice, but Soma Bay in the Red Sea is basically right outside of a huge town, so the area itself is easy to get to since there’s a significant walkway which goes right out into it (which you are able to dive right off of). After you submerge you will be in a new world filled with magical coral and odd looking fish to explore. The great thing about swimming in the Red Sea would be that the water is amazingly sharp, giving you a good watching experience. If you’re in the market for white clown fish (like the ones in’ Finding Nemo’) than this is the place for you!

KEALAKEKUA BAY HAWAII – For those of you that are history buffs, this is the location where Captain Cook famously died way back in 1779. This is among the biggest snorkeling areas in the world since it features many hidden caves to explore – each one more beautiful compared to last. You won’t just find fish in this bay, but you will also find giant turtles and also dolphins on occasion!