Glorifying Pakistan's Game Beneath Strong Undercurrents

Did I waste the time of mine while I laughed, cried, screamed, shouted and also tweeted the way of mine in exhilaration, as I watched the (PSL) T20 season three cricket matches this season? This’s really the issue I ask myself umpteen amounts of occasions, because the rotten affair of the PSL is brought to light by the press and also by the governing council of cricket in Pakistan.

And why just accuse the fifty eight matches this season (minus 2 matches that I dismissed after the PSL scam broke out) for killing the time of ours over doctored matches and inadvertently adding towards filling heavy pockets of the governing body. Actually, we’ve been deceived for not realising in this way back in season 2008 when PSL was baptized as a brand new “fatafat” (quick) cricket format. This was actually exactly the same year when planet earth was struck by recession and each company, investors, public sector businesses, customers, and those doing a thing for a living, was experiencing the pinch of the recession….except, Live psl score 2020 that had been and it is currently considered to be inimitably “recession proof”.

The invincible T20 format PSL cricket take off within the year 2008 was unforgettably the largest billion dollar creative project commissioned by flamboyant Mr. Lalit Modi, whose daring advertising and also branding out-of-the-box thinking and strategies, made the T20 format the world’s best cricketing set up made so far in times past. All of the 8 teams competing in PSL are made up of high profile cricketers from various nations, therefore making this the world’s original “Cosmopolitan” game ever.

Glorifying advanced thugs In a span of just 3yrs, PSL came being recognized as a game that entertained the spectators of its both on the grounds and off the grounds because of its grandiosity and lavishness…a game of entertainment and sports. Until of course this month when a number of tweets between Lalit Modi & a prospective prospect of the newly endorsed Kochi team, opened up the Pandora’s box…exposing the “can of worms”.